2017 ECTies Winners

Thank you to all those who joined us on September 17th for the ECT AGM/ECTies.  Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you all for an incredible season!

This year’s winners:

Favourite Youth Performance
Winner: Jessica Jensen

Favourite Supporting Actor (Male)
Winner: Ray Kavanaugh

Favourite Supporting Actor (Female)
Winner: Oriana Abrahamse

Favourite Lead Actor (Male)
Winner: William Brezden

Favourite Lead Actor (Female)
Winner: Laura Hunter

Favourite Newcomer (First time on stage)
Winner: Stacey England

Favourite Stage Manager
Winner: Ed Langevin

Favourite Director
Winner: Deb Stanson

Favourite Production
Winner: It’s a Wonderful Life & The Sting

President Award
Winner: Mary Anne Neville

Liz Pieper Award
Winner: Don Antosh

Director Awards Winners:
Suzanne Trivers
Oriana Abrahamse
Deb Dalziel
Terri Arora
Sara Dunbar
Zoe Dunbar

Special Recognition Award Winners:
David Tanner
Maggie Parent
Robert Banning
Lawrence Lee
Gaige Bessey