July 2017 Many Thanks

Shakespeare in the Park

Some ‘thank yous’ going out to people who have helped us in some special ways. Now we know that so many of you make our theatre company work or we wouldn’t be able to continue to do such wonderful productions and personally I think this has been a remarkable year with three outstanding regular season shows plus our Shakespeare in the Park productions!

Mary Ann Neville

Special thank you to Mary Ann Neville for helping us sort costumes and taking them to consignment and charity shops for us…and even negotiating some compensation for us from some consignment shops so that those funds can go back in the bank to put toward future costumes as needed. Mary Ann also rescued soaked item drenched from our workshop roof leaks and nursed them back to better condition with a little TLC.

Deb Dalziel

Also thank you to Deb Dalziel, who also found a use for costumes which she felt could be displayed in other ways. Deb Dalziel, always a great ECT supporter, has managed to get ECT’s summer production up on the welcome sign in Fergus where special events are listed. It says: Shakespeare in the Park

Deb Stanson

As always, Deb Stanson does a million things to make ECT successful, but special thanks to her for arranging for the ‘bin’ where we were able to clean out a lot of things which are no longer of use to us yet not good enough for donation to charity stores or consignment. She has also emptied the rain containers more than anyone else when we had the serious leakage from the roof. (Note to all: Our landlord has covered the roof with a material that seems to be very effective in keeping us and our props, costumes, etc. dry now while we await roof repairs in the fall.)

Katy Chapman

Thank you to member Katy Chapman for participating in Festival Faire at the Wellington County Museum for ECT. Katy performed two Lady Macbeth's monologues from Macbeth.

Bethune - cast and crew

Thank you to cast and crew of Bethune for performing at the Elora Community Theatre as part of the lead up to Canada Day.

Deb Stanson
Gerry Butts
Gary Bryant
Nancy Baker
Acey Kaspar
Adrian Baker
Don Antosh
Basil Laugier
Laura Hunter
Julie Wheeler
Bryant Mary
Anne Neville
Kirsten White
Robert Banning

Land meets Water participants

Thank you to Laura Hunter, Alex Kanarek and Zoe Clemens for participating in "Land meets Water " (scene from The Tempest ) as part of the lead up to Canada Day in Centre Wellington.

ECT Workshop Neighbours


We have wonderful neighbours at our ECT workshop and we sent two of our neighbours thank you cards. The people who live in the house attached to the workshop kindly cut our grass all the time free. We are hoping they will accept our gift of season tickets for our ECT plays. We so much appreciate their help.

The neighbour across the road has come to our rescue in the past to generously offer his place for parking when needed. They have also received our thanks and appreciation and we hope they will join us at the Fergus Grand to see some of our shows.